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Optimising Marketing Spend


Allowing a national hotel chain to fully understand the effectiveness of their media spend and forecasting for the future

The client wished to understand how effective their media spend was and where efficiencies could be achieved across ATL, digital and CRM.

With the client moving agency twice in the time period of interest, we worked with all parties to create a consistent and connected dataset encompassing all media, internal metrics, external influences, and other measures. This allowed for the construction of a set of Econometric models explaining various components of the guest journey.

With these models we developed a sales forecaster, allowing various scenarios to be tested and for the automatic optimisation of marketing spend across channels and time.

Working with the client and their agencies, we built a scenario planner to optimise media spend across channels and time, against business constraints and targets. Using this planner allowed the client to adjust their media spend to make the most of their budget. We achieved an increase in their annual revenue of £4.5m for no additional spend by optimising how they spent their media budget.

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