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Services driven by business needs

We pride ourselves on delivering services that directly address real business challenges.

We work with you to define the optimal range of services to deliver the right results. Working at all levels of an organisations we can bring everything from a full multi-year strategic plan right through to individual tactical projects.

The following is just a selection of the data, analytics and CRM services we can provide - contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Data Discovery

Cleansing your data

Data can feel like a tangled web of chaos, our team will ensure your data is usable and most importantly actionable. We will cleanse and audit your data, from making sure it formatted correctly to organising so insights can gleaned. We create the foundations to ensure you leverage the power of your data.

Data Analytics

We provide general analysis services, extracting value from your data assets. From understanding how you acquire customers to how you retain them, and why they churn, we can help you develop a deeper understanding of your customer base and how to get most from it.

Data Culture

Our team work closely with your team to create a data driven culture. Educating your most senior stakeholders to your upcoming data gurus on the value of a data centric business.

Data Strategy

Creation of a data strategy can seem a dauting prospect, we will collaborate with your team to create a data roadmap with clear milestones, tangible outputs and impacts to your business.




We can discover which components of your business (advertising, digital, pricing, Brand, etc) are driving sales and optimise your ROI on marketing spend. Understand the effect of pricing changes, advertising campaigns, brand development and other activities. Driving efficiencies and maximising your spend to drive maximum impact.

Machine Learning

Building a model to describe an aspect of your business is only one part of the challenge. We can help to put these models into production so that they are always up to date and able to generate value continuously.

Direct Mail Optimisation

Direct Mail optimisation (what to send to whom and when) is a common service that we provide - so much so that we have a core standardised approach which we then tailor for each client. We regularly see 95% of sales still achieved from a 50% reduction in sends. This is often a powerful demonstration of the power of analysis as the results are very quickly realised.


We can help you get a clear view of the genuine value of each of your campaigns (offline and online) in generating a sale. Improve your ROI by focussing on performance campaigns and dialling back on those that don't help drive conversions.

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Analysis and Insight

Data Analytics

Our team has a substantial background in data analytics, leverage the best tools to uncover the key insights from your data that will help transform your business.

Reporting, Dashboarding and Decision Support

Insight delivery is a critical part of the analytical process - data-led business decisions are much easier to make if you can visualise the data insight that you have. We can advise on and build reports, dashboards and decision support assets to deliver this business-critical aspect of delivering insight to drive growth.


Quantitative and qualitive data research is crucial in gaining insight and action from your data. Powered By Data will work with you to create focus groups to gain real world feedback and unlock the behaviours and patterns from your data, unlocking the valuable insights.



Tech review and independent vendor selection support

Leveraging the substantial experience of the team, we can assess your technology stack in light of new and emerging technologies - a critical aspect of getting the most out of your data systems. We will help you understand the options available and can then assist with your choice of vendor. With extensive experience working with multiple platforms within retail, ecommerce and adtech we are able to provide support - whether through running RFIs/RFPs or being part of your internal teams evaluating vendors using hands on experience to ask the difficult questions behind the vendor PowerPoint pitches.

Technology Roadmap

We work with a lot of businesses that grow quickly but suffer from technical debt. We work with you to unravel the chaos, connect systems and enable a true single customer view.


Customer Experience

Customer Segmentation

We can drive substantial improvements in the performance of marketing spend by segmenting your customer base and driving the best customer experience to the most appropriate customer groups. Customer segmentations can also be used to drive new product development by showing gaps in your offering.

Email marketing and SMS

Permission based marketing is still one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers and sometimes overlooked. Email and SMS marketing will drive key behavioural insights and ensure you nurture your first party data to be utilised across all of your marketing channels. We work with you to create personalised and compelling communications that drive loyalty, interaction and growth for your business. Creating a strategy and support you and the team with the execution of your campaigns, from triggered automated communications through to news and launches of your products and services. Our team will not only help create a compelling email programme, but will use data to measure and understand your customers behaviours first hand, in real time and help predict future needs.

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Data and Tech Roadmap

Working with you and your data team to understand your data and tech stack state of the nation. We will create a roadmap of what the future should and could look like for your business. Unlocking the power of your data and working with you to choose the right platforms and architecture needed for your business aspirations.

Process Strategy

Process and procedure can be seen as the “boring” task, but as your business grows process debt can become prohibitive to reaching your goals. We will assess any process gaps and work with you to amend or create new ones.

Technical Architecture Strategy

By understanding the technical architecture you have in place, we will assess the technical debt you have and how we can mitigate that. Powered By Data are technology agnostic and will only choose the right platform for you. We will design the "to be" and manage the integration and build of your new data environment.

Data Strategy

With the ever-evolving regulations and the complexity of creating a data centric strategy, this can feel quite daunting. More than ever businesses need to make informed decision based on fact and insight. We will work in collaboration with you to uncover insights and construct a data roadmap to gain a competitive advantage, ensure efficiency and deliver messaging your customers resonate with.

CRM Strategy

Every business needs a CRM strategy and with a solid CRM strategy in place, you can collect detailed, in-depth customer behaviours, preferences and use it to streamline your communications. A compelling CRM strategy will empower all parts of your business — customer service, sales, marketing, and other departments — and better serve your customers, too.
We will work with you to create a CRM strategy framework from email through to digital comms. Creating the personalised conversation that your customers new or existing deserve.

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