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Direct Mail Optimisation

DM Optimisation LinkedIn.png

Get the most from your marketing budget,
using AI to drive performance in Direct Mail

  • Identify your optimal prospects

  • Stop sending to those who are unlikely to respond

  • Know the optimal moment to send to each prospect

  • Discover which creative works for each prospect

  • Understand how "nudges" and "reminders" are driving engagement

  • See how our optimisation would perform along side a
    standard distribution with zero risk

  • And much more


In a digital age Direct Mail still remains a powerful tool in your marketing kit-bag. However, compared to its digital cousins it can appear to be expensive and difficult to get right.

At Powered By Data we have a wealth of experience in optimising Direct Mail campaigns to really squeeze all of the value out of them. Although the analysis techniques we use are sophisticated, the data requirements are relatively straight-forward - if you have DM distribution records (who got which DM) and customer interaction records (who visited, called or bought), then we can build advanced models to optimise your campaigns.


With additional data like detailed sales records, DM creative treatments and offer descriptions and in depth customer records, we can extend well beyond pure optimisation and generate unprecedented insight into how your prospects and customers interact with your Direct Mail.

From thousands to millions of recipients, you can usually expect to see the cost of the optimisation returned within a few distributions. 

To improve the ROI of your DM and discover just how affordable it is get in touch - our initial conversations are always free so you really do have nothing to lose!

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